We've been involved in developing systems and apps for corporate clients from more than 12 industries such as:

  1. Financial Settlement System

    • Integrated system that pulls transactional data from multiple finance end points to performs financial settlement with various reporting modules.

  2. Secured Messaging Apps

    • End to end encrypted messaging apps for private groups or organisations with voice & video calls, files attachment and blocked user list.  

  3. Property Referral Platform

    • Property referral platform that leverages Facebook users to join as referrers to refer property projects to their circle of friends.

  4. Computer Rental Platform

    • Computer rental platform that offers yearly and short term (daily/weekly/monthly) rental service.

  5. Oil & Gas Membership System

    • Membership system which includes member services i.e. eLibrary system for oil & gas professionals.

  6. Core Banking Transfer System 

    • Straight through processing layer built on top of RENTAS fund transfer system to connect merchant bankers and BNM.

  7. Bursa Announcement System

    • Announcement system for PLCs integrated on Bursa Malaysia website.

  8. Customs Tax Stamp System & Apps

    • Tender project for Tax Stamp Track & Trace system and apps for Customs Malaysia.

  9. MLM Accounting System

    • Customised accounting system for MLM businesses that offers multi level commission and structure with P&L, Balance Sheet etc reporting.

  10. ERP System & Apps

    • Complete ERP system and apps with modular architecture such as Sales, CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Warehousing, HR etc.

  11. Telco Message Routing Apps

    • SMS routing app that route from one phone to multiple phones as configured.

  12. eCommerce Marketplace Platform

    • Online pre-order marketplace that allows merchants to gather pre-orders before manufacturing.

  And many more.  For more information about system or apps development, please contact